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About Pharmacognosy Journal

Pharmacognosy Journal [Phcog J.] (ISSN : 0975-3575) is  one of the journal published by Pharmacognosy Network Worldwide (Phcog.Net) serves the need of different scientists and others involved in medicinal plant research and development. Each issue covers different topics in natural product drug discovery, and also publishes manuscripts that describe pharmacognostic investigations, evaluation reports, methods, techniques and applications of all forms of medicinal plant research and that are of broad readership interest to users in industry, academia, and government.

Pharmacognosy Journal [Phcog J] intends to publish peer-reviewed original articles, basic research, critical reviews, commentaries, special articles, editorials, and others. The journal is new, but our vision and experience are time-tested. This journal was founded based on reader advocacy: we have no interest in wasting the reader's precious time waiting for an issue to release. Pharmacognosy Journal will not be an annual, a quarterly, a monthly, or a weekly. We will publish when the article is ready.

Bibliographic listings:

The journal is indexed with DOAJ, Chemical Abstracts, Excerpta Medica / EMBASE, Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, Ulrich’s International Periodical Directory, ProQuest, Index Pharmacus, PhcogBase.

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