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Antidepressant-Like Effects of Dracocephalum moldavica L. in Mouse Models of Immobility Tests, Zuniga, Marcos Ignacio Ji, Mariles Alejandro Jonathan H., Flores Jose Luis Castr, Herrera Jose Antonio Mo, Sotelo Maria Guadalupe, Montes Genaro Ivan Ceron, and Gomez y Gomez Yolanda de las Mer , Pharmacognosy Journal, September 2019, Volume 11, Issue 5, p.976-983, (2019) PDF icon PDF (1.08 MB)
Effect of Tender Coconut Water to Prevent Anemia on Wistar Rats Induced by Lead (Plumbum), Zulaikhah, Siti Thomas, Wahyuwibowo Joko, D Aziz Rakha, P Dede Rizky, and N Ahmad Fauzi , Pharmacognosy Journal, October 2019, Volume 11, Issue 6, p.1325-1330, (2019) PDF icon PDF (511.58 KB)
Comparison of Powdered Active Compounds Made from Tender Coconut Water Fortified with Vitamin E, Processed by Spray Drying and Freeze Drying, Zulaikhah, Siti Thomas, Ratnawati Ratnawati, Hussaana Atina, and Muhandri Tjahja , Pharmacognosy Journal, December 2022, Volume 14, Issue 6, p.682-686, (2022) PDF icon PDF (878.59 KB)
Tender Coconut Water (Cocos nucifera L.) Can Increase Antioxidant Enzymes and Decrease MDA Levels: Experimental Study on Cigarette Smoke-Exposed Rats, Zulaikhah, Siti Thomas, Aini Helmia Fitri Nuru, Rini Anisa Setyo, Abiyyu Bagus Hidayaturr, Dewi Elvita Apriska Ti, and Pratama Arrizki Azka , Pharmacognosy Journal, October 2022, Volume 14, Issue 5, p.469-476, (2022) PDF icon PDF (467.03 KB)
Effect of Tender Coconut Water (TCW) on TNF-α, IL-1 and IL-6 in Streptozotocin (STZ) and Nicotinamid (NA) Induced Diabetic Rats, Zulaikhah, Siti Thomas, Wahyuwibowo Joko, Suharto Mochammad Navi, Enggartiasto Bagus Haruno, Ortanto Mohammad Iqbal Raka, and Pratama Arrizki Azka , Pharmacognosy Journal, March 2021, Volume 13, Issue 2, p.500-505, (2021) PDF icon PDF (441.3 KB)
Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Activities of Sponges Collected off the Coast of Togean Islands, Indonesia, Zubair, Muhammad Sulaiman, Lallo Subehan, Putra Masteria Yunovilsa, Hadi Tri Aryono, and Jantan Ibrahim , Pharmacognosy Journal, August 2018, Volume 10, Issue 5, p.988-992, (2018) PDF icon PDF (1.07 MB)
Anatomical and Ultrastructure Differences Between Some Species of the Genus Elsholtzia Willd. of Flora of Ukraine, Zotsenko, Liudmyla, Nuzhyna Nataliia, Kyslychenko Viktoria, and Futorna Oksana , Pharmacognosy Journal, July 2021, Volume 13, Issue 4, p.977-987, (2021) PDF icon PDF (9.68 MB)
Phytochemical Investigation and Biological Screening of Ethyl Acetate Fraction of Salvia hispanica L. Aerial Parts, Zeid, Ehsan M. Abou, Ghani Afaf E. Abdel, Mahmoud Marwa Y., and Abdallah Rehab H. , Pharmacognosy Journal, February 2022, Volume 14, Issue 1, p.226-234, (2022) PDF icon PDF (1.12 MB)
Ethnomedicine In Nias Island, Zebua, Nilsya Febrika, Nerdy Nerdy, Dachi Kanne, Fujiko Muflihah, and Septama Abdi Wira , Pharmacognosy Journal, February 2024, Volume 16, Issue 1, p.186-194, (2024) PDF icon PDF (660.84 KB)
Pharmacognostic study of root of Combretum albidum G. Don, Zalke, Ashish S., Duraiswamy B., and Gandagule Upendra B. , Pharmacognosy Journal, 18th Feb,2014, Volume 6, Issue 1, p.28-33, (2014)
Chemical Profile and Biological Activities of Essential oil of Aerial parts of Artemisia monosperma Del. Growing in Libya, Zalabani, Soheir Mohamed El, Tadros Soad Hanna, Sayed Abeer Mohamed El, Daboub Areej Almaktouf, and Sleem Amany Amen , Pharmacognosy Journal, May 2017, Volume 9, Issue 4, p.578-586, (2017) PDF icon PDF (495.34 KB)
In-vitro Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity and Anti-collagenase Activity of Thalassia hempricii as a Potent Ingredients for Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetics, Zakiah, Kiki, Anwar Effionora, and Nurhayati Tati , Pharmacognosy Journal, May 2018, Volume 10, Issue 4, p.778-782, (2018) PDF icon PDF (414.18 KB)
Acute Diuretic Activity of the Aqueous Ethanol Root Extract of Corrigiola telephiifolia Pourr. In Rats, Zakariya, Imane, Elhamdaoui Omar, Andaloussi Zineb ibn lahmar, Chergui Abdelhak, Ajal El Amine, Taghzouti Khalid, and Nejjari Rachid , Pharmacognosy Journal, November 2020, Volume 12, Issue 6s, p.1552-1558, (2020) PDF icon PDF (393.04 KB)
Ethnobotany and Traditional Knowledge of Acanthaceae in Peninsular Malaysia A Review, Zakaria, Siti Maisarah, Amri Che Nurul Aini, and Shahari Rozilawati , Pharmacognosy Journal, September 2020, Volume 12, Issue 6, p.1482-1488, (2020) PDF icon PDF (1.86 MB)
Molecular Docking of Thaflavine from Camellia sinensis in Inhibiting B-Cell Lymphoma Through BCl2 Apoptosis Regulator: An In Silico Study, Zainul, Rahadian, Verawati Rismi, Satriawan Herland, Wargasetia Teresa Liliana, Purnamasari Devi, Lubis Amalia Putri,, Mandeli Riso Sari, Albari Muhammad Thoriq, Kharisma Viol Dhea, et al. , Pharmacognosy Journal, August 2023, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.500-505, (2023) PDF icon PDF (1.02 MB)
In Silico Study on the Potential of Guaiacol Extract from Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) as a Stimulant for Carbanoic Anhydrase II in Renal Tubular Acidosis, Zainul, Rahadian, Verawati Rismi, Suprijono Agus, Mandeli Riso Sari, Wulandari Asri Peni, Novaliendry Dony,, Rosalina Linda, Ghifari Muhammad Arya, Lubis Amalia Putri, et al. , Pharmacognosy Journal, August 2023, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.494-499, (2023) PDF icon PDF (761.24 KB)
Computational Evaluation of the Potential of Salicylate Compound from Syzygium aromaticum on Carbonic Anhydrase I as a Gastric Acid Stimulant, Zainul, Rahadian, Verawati Rismi, Rita Rauza Sukma, Ranuharja Fadhli, Ghufron Musa, Samala Agariadne Dwinggo, Satriawan Herland, Ghifari Muhammad Raffi, Purnamasari Devi, Mandeli Riso Sari, et al. , Pharmacognosy Journal, August 2023, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.489-493, (2023) PDF icon PDF (960.97 KB)
Stimulation of Emodin from Aloe Vera on Protein Kinase PIM1 in the Central Nervous System Through In Silico Analysis, Zainul, Rahadian, Verawati Rismi, Ruga Ritbey, Ghifari Muhammad Arya, Purnamasari Devi, Azhari Putri, Kharisma Viol Dhea, Jakhmola Vikash, Rebezov Maksim, and Ansori ANM , Pharmacognosy Journal, August 2023, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.587-592, (2023) PDF icon PDF (742.69 KB)
Interaction of Masilinic Acid from Clove Plant (Syzygium aromaticum) with CD81 Antigen in Inhibiting HIV Virus Regulation In Silico, Zainul, Rahadian, Yanuarti Elsa, Amiroch Siti, Albari Muhammad Thoriq, Verawati Rismi, Lubis Amalia Putri, and Murtadlo AAA , Pharmacognosy Journal, August 2023, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.484-488, (2023) PDF icon PDF (804.1 KB)
Interaction of Cynaroside from Orthosiphon Aristatus Plant Extract on TNF Alpha as a Stimulant in Malaria and Asthma, Zainul, Rahadian, Verawati Rismi, Alam Gemini, Nisyak Khoirun, Sari Trisna Kumala, Ghifari Muhammad Arya, Ruga Ritbey, Azhari Putri,, Barroroh Himmatul, et al. , Pharmacognosy Journal, August 2023, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.581-586, (2023) PDF icon PDF (963.19 KB)
Antibacterial Effectiveness of Morinda Citrifolia L. Extract on Salmonella Typhi Bacteria Using Serial Dilution Method with 15 - 60 Minutes Contact Time, Zaini, Wawan Sofwan , Pharmacognosy Journal, July 2021, Volume 13, Issue 4, p.839-843, (2021) PDF icon PDF (558.09 KB)
Antioxidant Activity, Total Phenolic Content and Total Flavonoid Content of Water and Methanol Extracts of Phyllanthus species from Malaysia, Zain, Siti Nur Dalila, and Omar Wan Adnan Wan , Pharmacognosy Journal, June 2018, Volume 10, Issue 4, p.677-681, (2018) PDF icon PDF (290.6 KB)
The Interactive Antimicrobial Activities of Selected South African Terminalia spp. Extracts in Combination with Conventional Antibiotics against Gastrointestinal Pathogens, Zai, Muhammad Jawad Yous, Cheesman Matthew James, and Cock Ian Edwin , Pharmacognosy Journal, December 2022, Volume 14, Issue 6, p.692-701, (2022) PDF icon PDF (1.29 MB)
Inhibition of Alpha-Glucosidase and Antioxidant Test of Stem Bark Extracts of Garcinia fruticosa Lauterb, Zahratunnisa, Nusaibah, Elya Berna, and Noviani Arikadia , Pharmacognosy Journal, February 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, p.273-275, (2017) PDF icon PDF (208.66 KB)