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Microbial Quantitative Risk Assessment in Springs as Community Drinking Water Sources in the Banggai Islands Karst Area, Central Sulawesi, Salamat, Ferdy, Daud Anwar, Birawida Agus Bintara, Achmad Amran, Syafar Muh., Amiruddin Ridwan,, Santoso Langgeng Wahyu, and Mallongi Anwar , Pharmacognosy Journal, February 2024, Volume 16, Issue 1, p.241-247, (2024) PDF icon PDF (420.5 KB)
The Role of Parents in Monitoring the Growth and Development of Toddlers: A Systematic Review, Gandini, Andi Lis Arming, A. Salmah Ummu,, A. Arsin Arsunan, and Mallongi Anwar , Pharmacognosy Journal, June 2024, Volume 16, Issue 3, p.682-686, (2024) PDF icon PDF (346.99 KB)
Study on Factors that Influence the High Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) of Makassar Ethnic Nurses in LANTO Hospital DG Pasewang Jeneponto in 2024., Afrianti, Sri Yuyun, Sidin Andi Indahwaty, Noor Noer Bahry, Pasinringi Syahrir A.,, Thaha Ridwan M., and Mallongi Anwar , Pharmacognosy Journal, April 2024, Volume 16, Issue 2, p.312-318, (2024) PDF icon PDF (396.73 KB)
Accessibility of Mother and Child Health Services to Stunting Incidence in Leti Island, Southwest Maluku District, Unmehopa, Apia, Palutturi Sukri,, Arifin Muhammad Alwy, Thamrin Yahya,, and Mallongi Anwar , Pharmacognosy Journal, October 2023, Volume 15, Issue 5, p.856-860, (2023) PDF icon PDF (165.46 KB)
Analysis of Policy Recommendations in Efforts to Control Positive COVID-19 Cases in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, Nuriana, Sri,, Palutturi Sukri,, Thamrin Yahya,, and Mallongi Anwar , Pharmacognosy Journal, December 2023, Volume 15, Issue 6s, p.1230-1235, (2023) PDF icon PDF (219.35 KB)
Model Prediction of Potential Disease Effects from PM2.5 Emission Among School Children in Coming 30 years in South Tangerang, , Mallongi Anwar, Daud Anwar, Palutturi Sukri,, Thaha Razak, Ibrahim Erniwaty, and Moudhun Wesam Al , Pharmacognosy Journal, June 2023, Volume 15, Issue 3, p.400-404, (2023) PDF icon PDF (1.13 MB)
Spatial Distribution of Microplastic Contamination in Blood Clams (Anadara granosa) on the Jeneponto Coast, South Sulawesi, Saleh, Rachmat, Daud Anwar, Ishak Hasanuddin, Amqam Hasnawati, Wahyu Atjo,, Birawida Agus B., and Mallongi Anwar , Pharmacognosy Journal, August 2023, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.680-690, (2023) PDF icon PDF (2.98 MB)
Utilization of Rainwater as Consumable Water with Rainwater Harvesting Methods: A Literature Review, Sakati, Sandy Novryanto, Mallongi Anwar, Ibrahim Erniwati,,, Palutturi Sukri, Kanan Maria, and , Pharmacognosy Journal, December 2023, Volume 15, Issue 6s, p.1254-1257, (2023) PDF icon PDF (199.01 KB)