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[Contents from Phcog J, Vol 6, Issue 5, Sep-Oct, 2014]

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Published on Jul 11, 2014

Original Article

  • Protective Effects of Beetroot Extract against Phenyl Hydrazine Induced Anemia in Rats
    Jaiswal, Anupam, Ganeshpurkar Aditya, Awasthi Ankita, Bansal Divya, and Dubey Nazneen
    10.5530/pj.2014.5.1 | Abstract
  • Comparative Studies on Antioxidant Activity, Total Phenol Content and High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography Analysis of Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L) Leaves
    Singh, Amrit Kumar, Attrey Dharam Paul, and Naved Tanveer
    10.5530/pj.2014.5.2 | Abstract
  • Hepatoprotective Effect of Calotropis procera in Isoniazid and Rifampicin Induced Hepatotoxicity
    Kamil, Noor, and z Imran-ul-Haque Hafi Syed
    10.5530/pj.2014.5.3 | Abstract
  • Antihyperglycemic Activity and Standardization of the Bioactive Extract of Cleome droserifolia Growing in Egypt
    Motaal, Amira Abdel, Ezzat Shahira M., and El-Askary Hesham
    10.5530/pj.2014.5.4 | Abstract
  • Comparative Morphological and Anatomical Study of Onosma caucasica Levin. ex M. Pop. and Onosma sericea Willd. (Boraginaceae Juss.)
    Daironas, Janna Vladimirovna, Serebryanaya Fatima Kazbekovna, and karov Ifrat Nazimovich Zilfi
    10.5530/pj.2014.5.5 | Abstract
  • Pharmacognostic and Phytochemical Studies on Flowers of Aerva lanata [L.] Juss. ex. Schult
    Silvia, Netala, Rajeswari C. H., Mounica D., Manasa R., and Prasanth D. S. N. B. K.
    10.5530/pj.2014.5.6 | Abstract
  • Pharmacognostic Investigation of Valeriana hardwickii Wall. A Threatened Herb
    Bhandarkar, Anant V., Shashidhara S., and Deepak M.
    10.5530/pj.2014.5.7 | Abstract
  • Evaluation of Wound Healing Potential of Some Indian Herbal Extracts and it’s Formulation in Acne Vulgaris
    Thube, S. A., and Patil M. J.
    10.5530/pj.2014.5.8 | Abstract
  • Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Analysis of Brassica juncea Seeds
    Parikh, Harita, and Khanna Aparna
    10.5530/pj.2014.5.9 | Abstract
  • Immunomodulatory Effect of Water Soluble Polysaccharides Isolated from Metroxylon sagu in Animal Models of Immunosuppression
    Pulla, Sireesha, Sannithi Nagarjuna, and Challa Siva Reddy
    10.5530/pj.2014.5.10 | Abstract

Letter To The Editor

  • Development and Antifungal Evaluation of Cinnamaldehyde Containing Silver Nanoparticles against Candida albicans
    Deore, Sharada L., Chaudhari Sharad, Baviskar Bhushan A., and Khadabadi Somshekhar S.
    10.5530/pj.2014.5.11 | Abstract

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