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The Interactive Antimicrobial Activity of Conventional Antibiotics and Petalostigma spp. Extracts Against Bacterial Triggers of some Autoimmune Inflammatory Diseases



Antibacterial activity of P. pubescens (a) and P. triloculare (b) fruit and leaf extracts against P. mirabilis (ATCC: 21721) measured as zones of inhibition (mm). PP = P. pubescens; PT = P. triloculare; L = leaf; F = fruit; W = aqueous extract; M = methanolic extract; C = chloroform extract; H = hexane extract; E = ethyl acetate extract. Positive control = Amp (ampicillin 2μg) and Chl (chloramphenicol 10μg). Negative control (NC) = water. Results are expressed as mean zones of inhibition of at least six replicates (two repeats) ± SEM. * indicates results that are significantly different to the negative control (P<0.01).